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14 May, 2019 17:03

‘You wanted a deal, you get a war’: Iranian adviser warns Trump what listening to Bolton gets him

‘You wanted a deal, you get a war’: Iranian adviser warns Trump what listening to Bolton gets him

As saber-rattling between Iran and the US reaches open hostility, Iranian presidential advisor Hesameddin Ashena tweeted Trump to say that listening to John “the mustache” Bolton may have cost him a deal and left him with a war.

The sarcasm of Ashena’s tweet on Monday, wishing Trump luck in 2020 was evident, particularly considering that it immediately followed warnings of the international war he may have started.

The tweet suggests that Trump has been mistaken to follow National Security Advisor John Bolton’s lead in his policy toward Iran. Aside from his signature bushy mustache, Bolton is known for being a long-time advocate of taking a hard line stance against the Islamic Republic, including open calls for bombing campaigns and regime change.

Ashena’s comment comes amid several events that threaten to destabilize relations between the long-time international rivals, including the US ramping up pressure on Iranian oil importers, and placing new sanctions on several key industries.

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Washington has also warned about possible attacks or acts of sabotage by Iran. The White House says that a potential “attack on US interests” will be deterred by amassing forces in the Persian Gulf. In spite of the warships being deployed to areas near the coast of Iran, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has made assuarances that the US isn’t looking to start a war.

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