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9 May, 2019 20:23

Ukrainian nationalists mock Immortal Regiment march with portraits of Avengers (VIDEO)

Ukrainian nationalists mock Immortal Regiment march with portraits of Avengers (VIDEO)

Nationalists in Kiev sought to ridicule the Immortal Regiment march by photoshopping Soviet military uniforms on Marvel’s Avengers. The joke was on them, as the soldiers who fought to defeat the Nazis were real-life superheroes.

Millions in Russia and abroad took to the streets with portraits of their relatives who took part in World War II, or the Great Motherland War as it is known in the former Soviet Union. The international action, known as the Immortal Regiment march, began in 2012 and has since become a tradition that follows the military parade on May 9.

Despite the Ukrainian authorities frowning on the practice and preferring to celebrate “Europe Day” instead, the Immortal Regiment march was held on Thursday in Kiev as well, gathering several thousand participants.


But the nationalists in Kiev organized a march of their own on Victory Day, and prepared thoroughly for it by printing out portraits of the characters from cinematic blockbuster ‘Avengers: Endgame,’ which is currently breaking world box-office records.

Marvel’s superheroes were photoshopped into Soviet military uniforms of the WWII era, while a Ukrainian twist was also given to their names. The posters carried by dozens of demonstrators in the Ukrainian capital featured Major Starkov, Captain Amerikov, Sergent Hulkov, Doctor Strangenko, Sergant Lokienko, Private Gamora, Partisan Grootenko, among others. The arch-villain Thanos also made an appearance, with the highest possible rank of generalissimo.

The organizers said they wanted to make fun of the Immortal Regiment, but may have inadvertently paid a massive compliment to those who defeated the Nazis. The Avengers stood for good and sacrificed a lot to protect humanity and life itself from unimaginable evil – a description that perfectly fits the soldiers from all over the USSR – including Ukraine – who foiled Hitler’s plans of world domination in WWII.

Another symbol of victory against the Nazis in 1945 – the orange-and-black Saint George ribbons – was under attack in Ukraine as well. Kiev introduced a special law to ban their display in 2017.

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Those seen sporting such symbols are subject to a fine of up to 2500 hryvna (around $100) or a 15-day administrative arrest in case of a repeat violation. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry said it detained and charged 13 people for wearing Saint George ribbons on May 9.

Two citizens of Moldova were also denied entry to Ukraine, after the ribbons were discovered on them by vigilant border guards on Wednesday. They will be barred from visiting Ukraine for the next three years.

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