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27 Mar, 2019 11:54

Message to India? Pakistan says boasting of space warfare is like ‘Don Quixote tilting windmills’

Message to India? Pakistan says boasting of space warfare is like ‘Don Quixote tilting windmills’

Hours after India declared a successful test of its anti-satellite weapon, Pakistan called on countries to reverse the militarization of space.

“Space is the common heritage of mankind and every nation has the responsibility to avoid actions which can lead to the militarization of this arena,” Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement delivered on Wednesday.

Although the Pakistan didn’t point a finger at India, it came shortly after Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed his country’s successful test of a top-notch anti-satellite missile.

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Islamabad hopes that “countries which have in the past strongly condemned demonstration of similar capabilities by others” will also do their part in reducing “military threats relating to outer space.”

“Boasting of such capabilities is reminiscent of Don Quixote’s tilting against windmills,” the ministry sarcastically said. 

Earlier in the day, Modi made an unexpected address to the nation, proclaiming that India is now a “space superpower” and a member of a “super league” after the successful missile test.

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He didn’t provide details about the test, which he said was part of the ‘Mission Shakti’, but revealed the satellite in question was shot down at 300km.

Noting how India’s regional neighbors had “reacted on roughly expected lines,” Indian military journalist Shiv Aroor explained to RT how India’s launch was the latest in its line of military bulwarks.

“Apart from the strategic message, it is also an emphatic extension of India's highly successful indigenous ballistic missile and space programs,” he said.

“As a rising economy, India clearly recognizes the need for strategic deterrence and messaging. Today's test certainly adds to the 'militarization of space' debate, but India's commitments to international protocols, including those in space are far more consistent than any of the other countries with similar capabilities.”

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