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21 Mar, 2019 13:05

John McAfee denies paying hitman to kill neighbor, refuses to pay $25mn in wrongful death lawsuit

John McAfee denies paying hitman to kill neighbor, refuses to pay $25mn in wrongful death lawsuit

John McAfee has been ordered to pay $25 million for the wrongful death of his former neighbour Gregory Faull in Belize, however – much like several other lawsuits against him in the past 11 years – he is refusing to pay.

He was accused by Faull’s estate of paying a man $5,000 to torture and kill his former neighbor in 2016 for allegedly poisoning several of his 12 dogs.

McAfee has denied the accusation, refused to cooperate with authorities, and has refused to pay what he claims is the latest in a long line of frivolous lawsuits against him, which amount to some $200 million in judgments.

The default judgement in the Faull case was made in absentia by a US federal district judge in Florida, as McAfee refused to respond.

The lawsuit alleges that a hitman named Eddie McKoy, in conjunction with “a female associate of McAfee’s” managed to “subdue, torture and murder Faull.” Faull died of a single gunshot wound to the head and an autopsy found that Faull’s body and, specifically, his genitals had been repeatedly tasered.

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When police arrived to question him, McAfee reportedly hid by burying himself on the beach and covering his head with a cardboard box.

He then fled the country, first going to Guatemala before heading back to the US. He would later offer a $25,000 reward to find his neighbor’s killer.

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Meanwhile, McAfee is currently campaigning for the 2020 US presidential election while in “exile” as he says the IRS is pursuing charges against him. He claims he hasn’t paid taxes in eight years and has dared the US government to “come and find” him.

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