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1 Mar, 2019 07:00

All-out war with India would be ‘mutual suicide’, Pakistan FM says

All-out war with India would be ‘mutual suicide’, Pakistan FM says

Islamabad seeks reconciliation with India and understands that a war between the two neighbors would result in mutually assured destruction, Pakistan’s foreign minister has stated.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi was quizzed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour about rising tensions between Pakistan and India, following a cross-border aerial operation launched by New Delhi aimed at eradicating a terrorist cell.

“Is this the kind of situation that, had it not de-escalated, could have tipped you both over the brink? Could you envision all-out war between India and Pakistan?” Amanpour asked.

“I hope not. That would be mutual suicide. Pakistan never wants to escalate, Pakistan never wants to be in a hostile position,” Qureshi replied.

He said that Pakistan’s new government under Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered to India that “if you take one step towards peace, we will take two.” Pakistan, Qureshi stressed, “wants to live in peace, we have a people-centric agenda.”

As a “peace gesture,” Islamabad announced that an Indian Air Force Pilot shot down over Pakistani airspace will be released on Friday. The captured pilot was part of an Indian operation targeting Pakistani-based militants accused of attacking and killing over 40 Indian police officers in mid-February.

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Despite claims by Islamabad that terrorists aren’t welcome on its soil, India insists that Pakistan is not doing enough to contain the danger, promising to stand “like a rock to counter their evil designs.”

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