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‘Another balls-up’: Theresa May ridiculed after awkward pool game with Italian PM (VIDEO)

‘Another balls-up’: Theresa May ridiculed after awkward pool game with Italian PM (VIDEO)
The Twitterati were amazed at UK Prime Minister Theresa May’s lack of skill while playing pool with her Italian counterpart, Giuseppe Conte. The PM’s awkward dance moves were brought up, and a barrage of Brexit jokes followed.

Theresa May’s uncomfortable moment was brought to light courtesy of Conte himself. On Sunday, the Italian PM shared a short video of him inviting May to play a friendly game of pool as the two mingled on the sidelines of the EU-Arab League summit in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Visibly taken aback by the suggestion, May immediately admitted that she was “hopeless” at the game. “You have to show me how,” she told Conte. The Italian did just that by casually taking the first shot. When May’s turn came, her chief of staff Gavin Barwell rushed to the rescue. He did his best to show the struggling boss how to position her hand on the table and strike the ball.

The clip abruptly ends just when May begins taking her shot, sadly leaving the viewers on a cliffhanger. Nevertheless, the British PM was widely mocked on social media for what seemed to be total ineptitude at the popular game of pool.

One person even suggested that the video was deliberately cut short to save the politician from further embarrassment.

Critics noted that her game may be as bad as or even worse than her negotiation skills during the painstaking Brexit talks.

“I pray to God she didn’t wager our Brexit future on the game,” journalist and political editor at ITV News, Robert Peston, wrote about the “historic” match.

The PM’s Brexit plan was overwhelmingly rejected by parliament last month. The government later postponed another vote for two more weeks. This led to jokes about May ‘delaying’ her shots in the same fashion.

With the Brexit deadline looming on March 29, some saw the officials joyfully attempting to play pool as the ‘Nero fiddled while the Rome burned’ moment.

Many commenters were also startled by the fact that the top British official had no idea how pool works. “I’m pretty sure any normal sane British person knows how to hold a pool or snooker cue... yet she doesn’t?” one person wrote. “Proof of alien life right there!”

“Everyone play pool in England except Theresa May,” another person commented, while some noted that the whole scene was “another balls-up” for the prime minister.

Others brought up May’s infamous stints at dancing.

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