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Sweet deal? Woman calls police, complains she was sold BROWN SUGAR instead of COCAINE

Sweet deal? Woman calls police, complains she was sold BROWN SUGAR instead of COCAINE
Police in Northern Ireland were left baffled after a woman reported that she was scammed by a local drug dealer who sold her two grams of brown sugar instead of cocaine for £200 ($260).

A transcript of a bizarre phone conversation with the would-be drug user emerged on the Facebook page of a police station in Craigavon, Northern Ireland on Friday. While the caller refused to provide a statement, police grasped the opportunity to deliver a message for all those who have been “scammed by your dealer and would like pay back.”

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – drug dealers care about NOTHING other than lining their own pockets,” the police said.

A rather outlandish story provoked a flood of comments online with most people making fun out the bizarre incident. “Nothing beats a sugar high,” someone wrote, while another joked that “it was a sweet deal.”

“What is the world coming to when we can’t trust our friendly neighborhood drug dealer?” someone wondered sarcastically. One cheeky user even managed to incorporate a joke about Brexit. “Is that what looms after Brexit? £200 for 2 grams of sugar?” he asked.

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It is unclear whether the person who sold sugar instead of cocaine or the buyer will be prosecuted. One netizen suggested that the dealer may be charged with “profit by deception.” The female would-be drug user was given “appropriate advice and guidance,” the police told local media.

The maximum penalty for drug possession in UK is seven years in prison, while a drug producer or a dealer could face life imprisonment.

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