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2 jets from India’s Air Force aerobatics team collide mid-air (VIDEO)

2 jets from India’s Air Force aerobatics team collide mid-air (VIDEO)
One pilot died after two aircraft from the Indian Air Force (INF) aerobatics team, known as Surya Kiran (Rays of the Sun), crashed while rehearsing for Aero India Show 2019.

There were three pilots in total on both jets – one died while the two others ejected safely, local media reported, citing officials.

Footage from the scene shows the planes falling from the sky, with one plane spinning as it descends. In another video, both surviving pilots were seen parachuting out of their aircraft.

Locals captured the moment an injured pilot was being treated shortly after reaching the ground. His face was covered in blood, and he was conscious when he was placed on the stretcher. A helmet and parachute are also seen hanging on what appear to be telephone lines.

The ill-fated aircraft crashed near Yelahanka base, near the country’s southern city of Bangalore. The pilots were reportedly honing their skills for the 12th edition of the Aero India Show – due to take place February 20-24.

Details on how exactly the crash happened are not yet known. 

The Surya Kiran aerobatics team was formed in 1996 and was part of a number of demonstration flights. The team was re-established two years ago, after being suspended in 2011. For its air stunts, the team has used HJT-16 Kiran Mk. II training aircraft, as well as Hawk Mk-132 jets.

The Aero India Show is an aerospace exhibition that takes place every two years. Apart from business deals, it also features shows and stunts by various aerobatic teams.

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