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Slovenian MP resigns after admitting to ‘social experiment’ sandwich theft

Slovenian MP resigns after admitting to ‘social experiment’ sandwich theft
A member of Slovenia’s parliament has resigned after fessing up to stealing a sandwich from a shop in Ljubljana, claiming that frustration over inattentive staff prompted the hoagie heist.

Darij Krajcic, a member of the ruling Marjan Sarec List (LMS), told Slovenian media that he walked out of a supermarket without paying for a sandwich after being “treated like air” by careless cashiers. He said that he stood around waiting for several minutes to hand over his cash before losing patience and hightailing it.

He first shared the story with fellow MPs during a committee meeting on Wednesday – but the head of his party’s parliamentary faction, Brane Golubovic, apparently didn’t find the anecdote very funny.

“He took responsibility for it and resigned of his own accord in line with LMS’ high ethical standards,” Golubovic told reporters.

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Krajcic told media that “nobody came after me, nobody yelled,” adding that the effortless sandwich theft points to an over-reliance on video surveillance.

He said, however, that he regretted the “social experiment” and had returned to pay for the food.

The 54-year-old joined parliament last September – meaning that his sandwich caper has removed him from office after serving only six months.

Social media reaction varied, with some insisting that the sandwich’s contents were vitally important to putting the story in proper context. Others noted, quite correctly, that politicians regularly get away with stealing things far more valuable.

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