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13 Feb, 2019 04:07

It took 5 cops to detain 80yo Russian woman accused of butchering a man – reports

It took 5 cops to detain 80yo Russian woman accused of butchering a man – reports

An octogenarian has been detained in the Russian Far East after the entrails of her 52-year-old tenant were found in her kitchen fridge. The woman resisted arrest and is alleged to have almost overpowered five officers.

The mutilated arm of a man was first discovered by local children who saw it being chewed on by a dog. The stunned kids alerted adults who alerted the police, prompting an investigation.

After the remains were identified as belonging to Vasiliy Shlyahtich, who worked as a yard keeper nearby, searches were conducted in the apartment building where he rented a room. Stomach-churning evidence was found, and it was likely more than the officers had bargained for.

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Police found the man’s internal organs in the fridge as well as traces of blood.

Suspicion fell on the apartment’s owner, an 80-year-old woman identified only as Sonya. When police attempted to take her into custody, she reportedly put up unexpectedly fierce resistance. It took a squad of five men to finally apprehend her, Moskovskiy Komsomolets reported, citing a security guard at a local school.

While such strength sounds unbelievable for an octogenarian, the story might have some truth to it, since Sonya was not your typical babushka. The woman used to work at a pig slaughterhouse until she retired, hence her alleged skills in wielding big knives and axes.

Her neighbors told police that they heard loud bangs from her flat that lasted till midnight. The sounds, they said, resembled those of someone cutting something solid with an axe.

Apart from reporting the woman’s arrest on suspicion of murder and the discovery of blood in her apartment, police have not disclosed any details, citing the ongoing investigation.

However, more blood-chilling particulars have been leaked to the media by witnesses and local residents. Neighbors told media that the slain man had just received his salary before his demise.

The plot thickened further when it emerged that the woman might be linked to a series of crimes involving missing persons. An elderly woman who also once rented a room from her is still unaccounted for, as is a girl who lived in the same building.

Overall, seven people have gone missing in the village in the past several years. The police have reportedly found the passport of one the missing women in Sonya’s flat and set off to inspect the woman’s country house, prompting more speculation about her links to the potential killings.

Meanwhile, it was reported that one of the 80-year-old’s sons is himself a law enforcement employee, which, some argue, could explain the veil of secrecy surrounding the case.

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