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10 Feb, 2019 20:44

Joe Biden reminded of past 'humanitarian' actions after he blasts Maduro over aid block

Joe Biden reminded of past 'humanitarian' actions after he blasts Maduro over aid block

A former US Vice President has urged Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro to step aside for a “democratic transition.” Twitter, however, doubted Joe Biden’s ‘humanitarian’ motivation, pointing out his warmongering past.

The veteran politician, who had mulled over a third presidential bid for 2020, launched a vicious attack on Maduro, saying that only a “tyrant” would block “delivery of food and medicine to people he claims to lead.”

While Washington has been targeting Venezuela with economic sanctions for years, it has all of a sudden decided to send “humanitarian aid” to the country – just after the leader of the county's National Assembly Juan Guaido proclaimed himself to be “interim president” of the country. Guaido has received strong support and recognition of the US and some of its allies.

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The country’s authorities, however, refused to let the ‘humanitarian aid’ in. While the ‘aid’ received much media attention, it appears to be quite modest, said to be enough for only 5,000 people – and would last them some 10 days. Venezuela has endured months of economic instability and hyperinflation, largely caused by plummeting oil prices and mounting external pressure.

Biden’s concerns over the fate of the US aid were promptly lauded by Guaido.

“Thank you Joe Biden for your support to the struggle we undertook from the [National Assembly] for the entry of food and medicines for the most needy. We share his desire for a democratic transition, allowing free elections in our country,” Guaido tweeted.

Many other users, however, were quite skeptical –to put it mildly– about the prospects of yet another US-fueled “democratic transition,” as well as about Biden’s drive to do something ‘humanitarian.’

Some suggested that the whole ‘humanitarian aid’ might be rigged, referring to earlier ‘humanitarian’ activities of the US – and a recent weapons delivery, intercepted in Venezuela.

The appointment of the notorious neo-con interventionist Elliott Abrams, well-known for his log-time meddling in South America, only reinforces such suspicions.

Earlier experiences of Biden –such as his wholehearted support for the war against Iraq– were brought up by the twitterati as well.

Others even alleged that Biden might be seeking to get something for himself and his family out of the Venezuelan crisis, pointing fingers at his son’s endeavors. Shortly after the 2014 coup in Ukraine, Hunter Biden ended up on the board of directors of a Ukrainian gas company. Back then, the White House insisted that it was a pure coincidence and did not affect US foreign policy by any means, stating that the then-VP's son was merely a “private citizen and a lawyer.”

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