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9 Jan, 2019 09:50

The Emerging: Yellow Vest ex-rep seeks to create political party of ‘common sense’

The Emerging: Yellow Vest ex-rep seeks to create political party of ‘common sense’

Jacline Mouraud, once the self-appointed spokeswoman of the Yellow Vests, has announced the creation of a new party. The emerging political force is described as a “party of common sense,” pursuing social and tax reforms.

Mouraud greatly contributed to stirring up the Yellow Vests protests and has become a highly recognizable figure after posting a video against fuel tax hikes which has been viewed several million times since October.

However, she does not seem to crave political leadership, and it remains unclear who will actually head the party. “I require no title, I’m trying to create a party, and that’s good. Further, as in any party, there will be a vote. Would it be me [elected the head of the party] or not, I don’t care, this is not important,” she said on Monday, as quoted by French media.

“The main thing is to create it, to unite people against violence and to ensure respect for our institutions.”

The party already has quite a name – Les Émergents (the Emerging) – though it might change, according to Mouraud, as others might come up with other ideas. The program of the party is expected to be unveiled in late January. Its goals so far appear to be rather vague.

The party is described by Mouraud as a “party of common sense,” which will provide “new and constructive ideas for the country, in harmony with the challenges of climate change.”

The party’s statutes are being drafted with the “help of competent persons,” namely “lawyers, former parliamentarians,” she stated.

Mouraud herself, a 51-year-old composer and hypnotherapist from the French region of Brittany, has no political experience.

However, Mouraud has recently distanced herself from the protesters, who have wreaked havoc in the streets of French cities in recent months. In early December, she and another prominent figure of the protest – Benjamin Cauchy – claimed they received death threats from hardline protesters who warned them against making any concessions with the government.

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