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Did this muppet drop the f-bomb or is Twitter projecting its emotions onto Sesame Street? (POLL)

Did this muppet drop the f-bomb or is Twitter projecting its emotions onto Sesame Street? (POLL)
A deceptively simple conversation between two Sesame Street muppets has the Twittersphere in a frenzy. Has our beloved childhood friend Grover been corrupted?

Sometimes it takes a meme to remind us there is no ’universal human experience.’ We may hear “Laurel” and be 100 percent secure in our interpretation of those sound waves, but someone else hears “Yanny” and they’ll swear on all that is holy that they’re correct.

Surely both sides can’t be right?

We all love to watch our beloved childhood entertainers fall from grace. What’s more fun than a sweet innocent child’s character with the mouth of a sailor?

Others disagree - Grover is pure as the driven snow, and it’s Twitter users who have the dirty minds.

Some people take the opportunity to try to understand another person’s point of view.

Others try to explain the phenomenon with science they’ve invented specifically for the occasion...

What is Grover saying after “move the camera”?

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