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Internet-famous NoNoNoNo Cat dies at 15 (VIDEOS)

Internet-famous NoNoNoNo Cat dies at 15 (VIDEOS)
Marquis, the cat who became world-famous as the “NoNoNoNo Cat,” has been put down after doctors found out the 15-year-old was reportedly suffering from a painful disease. RT looks back at the greatest hits of the fluffy feline.

The Siberian cat, best known for his meowing that resembled a person saying “NO NO NO NO,” received world-wide attention back in 2011. The original video of Marquis got some 12 million views over the years, and who knows how many have been logged by its numerous re-uploads.

The Internet has also produced numerous remixes of the cat’s performance.

An even doctored some 'duets.'

Marquis actually passed away this June, Russian media revealed on Monday, citing the late cat’s owner Andrey, who resides in the city of Perm.

The owner said that the original video was actually filmed back in 2004, when Marquis was a young and vigorous 2-year-old cat, according to Russian media. He revealed several possible reasons which could be behind Marquis’ unforgettable tune.

The feline might have felt the presence of something supernatural or was scared by a little girl visiting the family, as it was his first encounter with such a small human. Another possibility was that the said girl looked like somebody who hurt Marquis.

Further interactions with the girl did not trigger that over- emotional reaction from Marquis, however. The hilarious footage rested in the family archives for years before Andrey’s friends convinced him to upload it to YouTube, paving the way for Marquis’ fame and the memes that followed.

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