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Move like Macron! WATCH French and Canadian leaders get the groove on at the dance floor in Armenia

It looks like British PM Theresa May has passed on her dancing craze to other world leaders as French President Emmanuel Macron and Canadian PM Justin Trudeau were spotted showing off their moves at a dinner party in Armenia.

Footage shows the two leaders amusing guests at an event in Yerevan as they danced to the tunes of traditional Armenian music.

Macron and Trudeau are seen raising their arms, clapping and snapping their fingers as they joined in traditional dances at an event taking place on the sidelines of the 17th summit of La Francophonie, an international organization aimed at promoting ties between 84 countries where French is a spoken language or who have historical ties to France.

Macron seems more enthusiastic about the dance, Trudeau joins for a bit and then walks around the dancing crowd, stopping to chat to people here and there.

It’s not the first time the French president impressed the public with his ability to get up and flash some dance moves. He was also spotted during this year’s World Cup in Russia performing the dab dance move with French goalscorer Paul Pogba and Benjamin Mendy. He then invited the national team to the Élysée Palace in Paris to celebrate their epic win of the FIFA tournament and repeated the move with Pogba.

Macron’s latest stunt comes just after British PM Theresa May stole the spotlight with her dance skills a total of three times in just the past month. Was Macron jealous of all the attention on his counterpart across the Channel?

The public could marvel (or cringe) at the British leader’s latest iconic ‘robot’ moves when she took to the stage at the annual Tory conference in Manchester, grooving to the tunes of Abba’s iconic ‘Dancing Queen’.

While over in Austria, Russian President Vladimir Putin was also seen on camera waltzing with Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl at her wedding in August.

But the dancing fad among leaders doesn’t seem to concern Europe only, it’s a phenomena across the pond too.

It is difficult to forget former US President Barack Obama’s dancing the tango with a lithe Argentinian dancer during the official state dinner in Buenos Aires in 2016.

But why not? We all need to let go at times, whether world leaders or not.

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