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Adultery decriminalized in India as it makes women ‘chattel’ of husbands – Supreme Court

Adultery decriminalized in India as it makes women ‘chattel’ of husbands – Supreme Court
The Supreme Court in India has struck down an “unconstitutional” colonial-era law making adultery a criminal offence, saying it makes women “chattel” of their husbands.

In the second such landmark ruling this month, India’s Supreme Court decriminalized the 158-year-old adultery offence as it treats the “husband like the master” of a woman, “offending” her dignity. It comes after the same court decriminalized gay sex earlier this month.

Penal code Section 497 gives husbands the right to prosecute other married men if they have a relationship with their wife without their “consent.” If the defendant is found guilty, he could be thrown in jail for up to five years, face a fine, or both.

Saying the archaic law allows husbands to “to use the woman as a chattel,” a five-judge bench remarked about the colonial-era legislation: “This is archaic law long outlived its purpose and does not square with constitutional morality,” the Hindustan Times reports.

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They added that where the law “falls foul of constitutional guarantee,” the court must intervene to strike it down even when the government fails to do so.

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