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Tussle on the tarmac: Desperate passenger tries to fight his way onto missed flight (PHOTOS)

Tussle on the tarmac: Desperate passenger tries to fight his way onto missed flight (PHOTOS)
Dublin Airport’s Terminal One played host to a dramatic scene, taken straight out of a Hollywood film, as a desperate passenger attempted to flag down the flight he had missed by a few minutes.

At approximately 7am Thursday, the Ryanair flight from Dublin to Amsterdam was taxiing to the runway when a man in his 20s sprinted through the terminal building. He pleaded with ground crew to halt the flight before banging on the window of the terminal and subsequently making a desperate dash onto the runway.

The young man managed to reach the plane as it was taxiing towards the runway but was tackled by airport security. In total, it took two ground crew and another three or four staff members to wrestle him to the ground and restrain him. He is now in custody in Ballymun police station.

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“They were engaging with Ryanair staff at the gate and the male passenger was becoming agitated. He was banging on the window to try and get the aircraft to wait and he then broke through a door and made his way onto the apron, trying to flag the aircraft down,” Dublin Airport Authority told TheJournal.ie.

“Police at Dublin Airport detained an individual who breached security at the boarding gate, which had already closed. This is now a matter for local police,” Ryanair said in a statement to RT.com. The flight reportedly departed 21 minutes behind schedule.

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