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11 Aug, 2018 13:43

Tourists brawl over selfie hotspot at Rome’s Trevi Fountain (PHOTOS)

Tourists brawl over selfie hotspot at Rome’s Trevi Fountain (PHOTOS)

Two female tourists spurred an eight-person brawl at Rome’s iconic Trevi Fountain after they came to blows while trying to capture the perfect selfie at a prime spot in front of the monument.

The violent altercation broke out between a 19-year-old Dutch woman and a 44-year-old Italian-American woman vying for the selfie hotspot at the same time.

Images of the brawl were shared on social media by Rome city police, who had to intervene in the altercation.

Police described the incident as a “violent quarrel” which started over “trivial reasons.”

The argument erupted as both women wanted to take a photo at a precise point close to the fountain - a spot they believed was the best angle to show off the impressive sculpture behind them. The situation descended into chaos when both women refused to step away. The tourists then began pushing each other before the row escalated into slaps and punches. Family members immediately joined in on the fight, according to police.

In total, eight people, including three underage girls, were involved in the fracas.

The injured parties did not require any medical assistance and only reported some minor bruising. However, charges have been filed against some of the individuals for violence and threats.

The drama comes just days after officials announced plans to make tourists walk past the Trevi Fountain on a designated pathway, as a measure to address “out of hand” overcrowding at the historic site.

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