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4 Aug, 2018 08:21

Germany’s ‘hottest female cop’ swaps service for leisure (PHOTOS)

Germany’s ‘hottest female cop’ swaps service for leisure (PHOTOS)

Uniformed service came to be too tough for Germany’s “hottest policewoman” who decided to take her time off and spend half a year chilling out and wearing revealing attire – much to the delight of her 500,000 Instagram fans.

Issuing traffic tickets, settling family disputes and boring night shifts are now a thing of the past for Adrienne Koleszar, police commissioner from Germany’s eastern city of Dresden. The 33-year-old blonde, labeled “the hottest policewoman” in German media, will spend the next six months on unpaid leave in Florida, she told her Instagram followers. 

The cop’s Instagram account has gone viral when she began posting images of her dressed in fitness gear or revealing beach attire.

To this date, Koleszar amassed some 530,000 followers with a selection of gorgeous bikini snaps. Fans, aware of her occupation, often comment on her hottest pictures begging “please, arrest me.”

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The top cop is also on a heavy protein diet, which helps her deal with lags on a day-to-day basis.

“I have no masterplan yet, I want to live a creative life and spend more time with my family,” she offered, adding she initially asked her bosses to give her a 1-year-long vacation.

Dresden police decline her request citing lack of personnel. “Every civil servant is entitled to an unpaid vacation,” said Thomas Geithner, spokesman for Saxony police.

“However, we could not afford one year, six months was a compromise – since we need every officer here.”  In some of her posts, she insisted her bosses had no issue with the photos, as long as they are decent.

However, she says that it was not her style to be photographed topless and that her Instagram account is simply encouraging women to be fit and healthy.

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