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5 Jul, 2018 14:13

‘Let’s settle this like adults’: Finnish craft brewery to release Trump-Putin summit beer

‘Let’s settle this like adults’: Finnish craft brewery to release Trump-Putin summit beer

A Finnish brewery is looking to “help world peace” at the upcoming summit between Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump in Helsinki, by creating a limited edition brew with both leaders on the label.

Dubbed “Let’s settle this like adults,” the beer is the effort of the Rock Paper Scissors Indie Brewery based in the city of Kuopio in the eastern province of Northern Savonia.

The beer’s label shows the presidents facing each other, fist raised, as both men ready themselves to embark on a round of the very game that inspired the brewery’s name and has settled countless arguments among friends and family for years - rock-paper-scissors.

Speaking to RT about the inspiration behind the beer, RPS CEO Samuli Huhtanen said: “We here at RPS Brewing were thrilled to hear that Mr Putin and Mr Trump decided to go heads up in our beloved capital Helsinki.”

“Believe me when I tell you, no one knows problem solving better than us. We know they have difficult decisions to make, indifferences to solve, so we wanted to remind them that you can always settle things like adults, with rock-paper-scissors.

“So basically, we wanted to give our helping hand to world peace,” he added.

The decision to make the special beer a lager over say, an IPA or red ale, was due to its “universal appeal” and popularity worldwide made it an easy choice as they “didn’t want anyone to feel left out.”

As both presidents aren’t big drinkers - Trump himself is teetotal while Putin limits his alcohol consumption to official occasions - wouldn’t both men feel left out of the occasion?

Huhtanen said while both men “wouldn't be our customers normally,” he hoped that beer’s status as a “universal drink” would be a better way to “serve a larger group of people, not just them.”


For those who don’t drink but are still looking to mark the occasion, RPS have that covered too! In addition to their limited edition lager, they are also producing a limited run of “Let’s settle this like adults” coffee from their on-site roastery in honor of the summit.

Asked for RPS’s views on the summit, Huhtanen said: “We warmly welcome both of the presidents to Finland, which is the greatest country in the world in our opinion.

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“We don't have any political view on these matters but are very happy that the presidents are taking the time and are willing to discuss very important topics.”

Is rock-paper-scissors a good way to settle high-level diplomatic negotiations? Not as a first choice for making decisions says Huhtanen, “but if nothing else helps, then this is adult way to settle things.”

Due for a limited run of 10,000 bottles of beer and 170 bags of coffee, RPS plan to ship orders out to customers next week. Although you might need to book a flight to Helsinki to sample.

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