#Romanovs100 colorization contest final week, Marina Amaral to announce winner soon (PHOTOS)

#Romanovs100 colorization contest final week, Marina Amaral to announce winner soon (PHOTOS)
Artist Marina Amaral will announce the winner of the #Romanovs100 colorization contest this Friday, July 6th. The contest has been running since mid-May and so far more than 70 works have been submitted from all over the world.

Participants of all ages (the youngest being 11 and 13) have sent in their photo entries from Indonesia, Bolivia, Canada, UK, Switzerland, Russia, the Philippines, Trinidad and many other countries. Submissions came from professional artists and people trying their hand at colorization for the first time ever - all of them were more than welcomed by the #Romanovs100 team. 

A choice of three photos was selected by the crew, leaving it up to the artist whether to color just one or several images. The winner will be awarded with two limited edition books: ‘The Colour of Time: A New History of the World, 1850-1960’ by Marina Amaral and #1917LIVE about the Russian Revolution in tweets

You can find all the submissions in this Facebook Gallery by clicking HERE. If you have participated by adding an entry via social media under the hashtag #Romanovs100, but can’t find your work in the gallery, please post a link in the comments section and the team will get back to you.  

You can also vote by ‘liking’ your favorite artwork in the gallery - the most popular colorized photo will win a special prize!

#Romanovs100 is a project built on an extensive archive of personal photos that the Romanov family - all avid photographers - took during their years of reign over the Russian Empire. It will run across four social media platforms until July 17th, which marks 100 years since the Royal family’s execution.

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