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Rowdy ‘big boy’ beaten & tasered by 4 Montreal cops (VIDEO)

Rowdy ‘big boy’ beaten & tasered by 4 Montreal cops (VIDEO)
An out-of-control man was beaten and tasered to the ground by Montreal police officers, who had a hard time trying to subdue the big guy, who was throwing punches at them inside the city metro, footage of the incident showed.

Montreal Metro’s Fabre station became a boxing ring for one heavyweight black man who, for quite some time, successfully stood up against four officers trying to arrest him for rowdy behavior.

“He was punching cars, being really aggressive towards people,” Jean-Pierre Brabant, a spokesperson with Montreal police, explained to Global News, adding that the suspect also tried to hit officers with a beer bottle. “He was intoxicated and telling officers to F off.”

The camera of an onlooker, Yassine Naguib, started rolling while the officers were hitting the 26-year-old suspect with batons as he tried to escape back into the metro carriage. Officers pursued him with Taser guns, constantly ordering him to surrender. “Shut up. I’m going to taser you,” one officer yelled, the video shared online shows.

Temporarily breaking free from Montreal’s finest, the suspect tried to run away before being taken out by an electroshock gun on the second attempt by police. It took about 30 seconds to subdue the suspect, the footage reveals.

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“When a Taser is used, we have to use it until the person is under control for the safety of the officers,” Brabant noted. “He’s six-foot-three, 250 pounds. He’s a big boy. It was hard to control.”

After being arrested and taken to a hospital for a check-up, the 26-year-old suspect, previously “known to police,” will now face charges of assault on a police officer, obstruction of justice and armed assault. Three officers were reportedly injured in the incident.

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