Barely-believable highway collision sees dump truck plow into bridge (VIDEO)

Barely-believable highway collision sees dump truck plow into bridge (VIDEO)
Jaw-dropping video shows the moment dump truck’s tray slammed straight into an overpass at high speed on a busy Australian highway.

The dramatic smash happened on a Melbourne freeway around noon, Friday, local time. Unnerving footage recorded by a fellow motorist, and obtained by 9News, shows the dump-truck tray standing upright as it approaches the bridge.

A man can be heard swearing in the footage as the truck speeds closer to the bridge – and then the inevitable happens. The tray smashes into the overpass, tearing right off the vehicle and blocking an entire lane of traffic behind.

The rig was travelling along the Princes Highway when the second trailer’s tray tipped up and struck the Dohertys Road overpass, causing the empty tray to become dislodged, police said in a statement.

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Miraculously, no-one was injured in the incident. Several lanes were closed while the trailer was removed from the scene by specialised crews. Investigations into the smash are ongoing and police are appealing to any witnesses to come forward.

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