Chopper smashes into building during takeoff chaos in Siberia (VIDEO)

Chopper smashes into building during takeoff chaos in Siberia (VIDEO)
A CCTV video has captured the terrifying moment a helicopter’s rotor blades smashed into a building during an attempted take-off in the Tyumen region of Siberia in Russia.

In the footage, the Mi-8T helicopter is seen moving forward – but not taking off – and cutting into a building with its propeller. The crash saw the chopper’s rotor blades completely destroyed, with the aircraft also losing its tail and being left in need of serious repairs.  

Injuries were luckily avoided in the accident, which occurred at the Pojkovsky airfield in Yugra on Monday. According to preliminary data, the helicopter was unable to get into the air due to a cargo overload.

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It’s not the first incident involving helicopters owned by the Convers Avia carrier. One of its aircraft crashed into the Arctic Ocean last year and another chopper hit a light post in 2016.

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