‘You’re a corporatist!’: Elon Musk declares himself a socialist, Twitter loses it

‘You’re a corporatist!’: Elon Musk declares himself a socialist, Twitter loses it
Elon Musk’s attempts to declare himself a socialist while also describing people of that political persuasion as “depressing” were met with derision on Twitter, with social media users keen to point out evidence of his capitalism.

Tweeting Friday, Musk described self-proclaimed socialists as “depressing, have no sense of humor & attended an expensive college.” When asked what he would call himself, Musk said “a socialist,” prompting hundreds of responses from people disagreeing with his own assessment.

Twitter users called the Tesla and SpaceX founder a “corporatist,” and didn’t hold back in highlighting myriad ways in which he appears to be the extreme opposite of a socialist.

Many pointed to examples of Musk’s seemingly extravagant spending, including launching a red sports car out into space, and his recent comment that Tesla employees didn’t need to unionize. The United Auto Workers union (UAW) filed a complaint against Musk in May, accusing him of threatening to take benefits away from those who join a union.

The SpaceX CEO also tweeted that the government was in fact the largest corporation.

Musk is correct in calling himself a socialist in some ways, given the amount of government assistance he receives, despite his $21 billion net worth. His Tesla car company receives millions in tax incentives and breaks, while SpaceX receives federal contracts and has received subsidies from state governments.

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