Pane in the glass: Workers blame wire failure for horror window plunge accident (VIDEO)

Pane in the glass: Workers blame wire failure for horror window plunge accident (VIDEO)
Window fitters in Moscow filmed the horrifying moment a thick pane of glass broke loose from its tether and plunged 47 storeys from the roof of a luxury apartment block as they looked on helplessly.

Footage of the incident shows a bizarre accident that wouldn’t be out of place in the American horror film series Final Destination.

Transporting a large window pane with a crane, workers carry out the hard work of pulling the glass sheet close to the summit of Moscow’s Well House Tower when disaster strikes.

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A serious malfunction occurs during the last lift, causing the glass to hurtle towards the pavement below before it brushes against the building at speed, shattering into thousands of potentially lethal shards.

The heart-stopping accident was filmed by an “industrial mountaineering” firm who offer services such as window cleaning and roof repair in Moscow. In an online statement, the company has blamed the incident on a broken steel wire.

“We craned the double-glazed window. The crane was mounted on a roof. The working load of the crane is 500kg, weight of the double-glazed window was 380kg and 45kg suction cup. From our part, no mistakes were made. The steel-wire cable broke, and caused a lot of damage,” the group said.

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The statement added that nobody was harmed by the falling debris, but parts of the building facade were “destroyed.”

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