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14 May, 2018 17:28

Off-duty policewoman shoots armed robber attacking group of moms (VIDEO)

Off-duty policewoman shoots armed robber attacking group of moms (VIDEO)

A group of moms with their kids seemed like an easy target for one armed robber. How wrong he was – one of them turned out to be an off-duty cop who shot the assailant within seconds.  

Security cameras captured the moment when a young man pulled out his gun when approaching a group of parents with kids on the sidewalk. Terrified mothers can be seen rushing away and hiding in cars to protect their children.

Suddenly a woman in a pink T-shirt pulls out a gun and shoots the robber. As he lies on the road she then approaches him, kicking his gun out of his reach before retrieving it herself. She appears to give the gunman – who is clearly in pain – orders to lie on his stomach.

The woman was later identified as Katia da Silva Sastre, who was accompanying to her seven-year-old daughter to a school event devoted to Mother’s Day in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Following the dramatic incident the assailant was taken to the emergency room of the Santa Casa de Suzana Hospital in Sao Paolo but died of his injuries. Silva Sastre reportedly shot him three times.

The fearless policewoman and a mother of two, was honored by the governor of Sao Paulo, Marcio Franca, for courageously protecting the lives of mothers and children. “Her courage and precision saved mothers and children, yesterday at the door of a school,” the governor wrote in a tweet.