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Shocked Chileans demand justice over horrific rape & death of 1yo infant

Shocked Chileans demand justice over horrific rape & death of 1yo infant
The death of a 19-month-old baby girl, following a brutal rape by her aunt’s partner, has caused shockwaves across Chile. Protests have erupted demanding punishment of the perpetrator of the horrific attack against the infant.

On Sunday, the bleeding baby Ambar was brought to a hospital in the Valparaíso Region by her aunt with her boyfriend, who claimed that the 19-month-old girl had suffered an injury after falling from a bed. The doctors who battled to save the toddler’s life, however, saw a completely different, shocking story of a savage rape.

Hospital de Los Andes medics immediately figured out that the injuries suffered by the child were absolutely inconsistent with a fall. The examination revealed that Ambar had suffered from pneumoperitoneum and lesions suggestive of anal penetration.

The baby was immediately transferred to the pediatric Intensive Care Unit unit of the San Camilo Hospital, where she underwent surgery, which she did not survive. The minor died from internal bleeding and organ damage, caused by apparent sexual abuse.

Following the testimonies of the medical staff, on Monday officials from the Department of Investigations (PDI) detained 30-year-old Andrés Espinoza Aravena, the boyfriend of the dead girl's aunt, over his alleged participation in a rape which led to the murder of a minor.

The injuries suffered by Ambar were so shocking that even the medical staff had to seek the help from psychologists to overcome what they had seen, the police report states.

Despite overwhelming medical evidence, Espinoza maintains his innocence, claiming that the girl had suffered her injuries after she fell from her bed, from a height of approximately 50 centimeters.

Information collected by the investigation so far suggests that the girl suffered from sexual abuse which occurred between 8pm on Saturday and 1am on Sunday, when the accused had been left alone with the minor.

On Monday, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights of Chile, Hernán Larraín, asked for the maximum penalty for Andrés Espinoza. The accused will, in the meantime, remain in prison for at least six months as the investigators complete their fact-finding mission.

Meanwhile, the public has staged rallies demanding justice for the baby victim. Some are demanding an arrest of Ambar’s aunt, claiming she must have been fully aware of the abuse the child had suffered.

“My sister knew about it, she is an accomplice, it does not fit in my head why she is not detained at this moment, knowing all the damage they did to my niece,” Ignacio Pérez, brother of the woman who cared for Ambar, told a local television outlet.

Others vented their fury against the National Service for Minors (Sename) who, for eight months, failed to decide on the custody of the baby, whose mother suffered drug addiction problems and could not provide for her.

Apparently, the girl’s uncle Pérez wanted to adopt the child, but was reportedly refused custody because of his sexual orientation. In the meantime, Ambar was temporarily being cared-for by her aunt and her boyfriend.

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