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19 Apr, 2018 19:40

No matter how hard George Soros & Brussels try, no illegal migrants will be admitted to Hungary – FM

No matter how hard George Soros & Brussels try, no illegal migrants will be admitted to Hungary – FM

Budapest will continue to uphold its strong anti-immigrant stance, despite attempts by the EU and media moguls to portray migration as a positive process and a basic “human right,” Hungary’s Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said.

“No matter how many times George Soros goes to Brussels, no matter how many times the issue of illegal immigration is placed on the agenda, and no matter how many allies George Soros has in Brussels, we will not back down. Illegal immigrants will continue to not be allowed entry into Hungary in [the] future,” the official said in a statement on Wednesday.

Following the landslide re-election win of the conservative anti-immigrant Fidesz party, led by Prime Minister Viktor Orban, Hungary has experienced pressure from the EU and other pro-migrant parties, Szijjarto stated. The results of the decisive win were challenged as the billionaire George Soros came to Brussels to hold talks with the Vice President of the European Commission. A day after Soros’ visit, the EU Parliament held a plenary session on the UN Global Compact for Migration.

“The debate in the European Parliament is also a clear indication of the fact that Brussels and the UN want the same thing: for illegal immigrants to come to Europe,” Szijjarto said, describing the draft resolution as a mere tool “aimed at portraying migration as a fundamental human right and discussing the positive effects of migration.” It said the pro-immigration lobby in the EU parliament blindly pushes its agenda and targets countries which oppose it, while downplaying the grim effects of migration.

“If migration only has positive effects, how is it possible that over the past two and a half years 330 [people] have been killed in Europe in terrorist attacks that have been committed by people with immigrant backgrounds?” the official wondered. “Why are George Soros and his people in the European Parliament fighting against certain European countries instead of acting to combat terrorism?”

“We continue to reject the claim that migration is a positive process,” Szijjarto stressed. Despite the pressure from Brussels, Budapest will continue to oppose it and will solve its “population and job market challenges with Hungarians and with Hungarian families.”

“We would like to see more Hungarian children and more Hungarian families in Hungary, not more migrants. We love our own homeland and will not give it over to others,” Szijjarto concluded.

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In Hungary, Soros is often painted as the arch-nemesis of Orban, seeking to meddle in the internal affairs of the country and to push a pro-immigration agenda through his NGOs. Ahead of last Sunday’s elections, Orban’s Fidesz party had introduced the so-called ‘Stop Soros Act,’ targeting NGOs which “organize illegal immigration” and advocate for the rights of migrants. The proposed measures include imposing of a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs, as well as obliging them to provide detailed data on their activities. The Fidesz party is set to put the legislation up for vote as soon as the parliament reconvenes after the elections.

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