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Small boy joyrides car ‘to impress girlfriend’ (VIDEO)

Small boy joyrides car ‘to impress girlfriend’ (VIDEO)
A viral CCTV video has shown the scenes of havoc as a child who looks no older than six locks himself in a car and takes it for a ride.

The footage, which bears a timestamp from March, and was posted on a YouTube account specializing in videos from Russia’s southern Chechen Republic, starts off innocuously enough.

A small boy jogs through a sleepy village, holding hands with a girl his age. But soon, the viewer realizes that this is not a romantic getaway, but a real heist, as the child drags his partner towards an unattended and unlocked Volga, a Russian car, and gets inside.

Sensibly, the girl decides to stay out of the venture, but this does not deter the young carjacker, as he locks the doors from inside. It’s at this point that an adult must have spotted the scene, and several people can be seen swarming the vehicle from all sides.

Does the boy step out of the car, shame-faced? No, instead he decides to make his getaway. The Volga starts up and makes its way across the street, chased by alarmed, and possibly slightly embarrassed grown-ups. The car comes to a stop, but the child still refuses to step out.

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Finally, a solution: a man breaks the rear passenger window with a stone, and puts in his hand to open the door, before hauling out the young lawbreaker.

While ‘Bonnie’ clutches her face, and is led away from the scene, ‘Clyde’ receives a slap on the back of the head and his behind, before being taken in the opposite direction, the pair’s crime spree halted, with broken glass (and hearts) as the collateral.

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