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Canadian takes plane on joyride, survives crash & attempts to flee police

Canadian takes plane on joyride, survives crash & attempts to flee police
A 32-year-old man is facing a smorgasbord of charges after he crashed a plane which he had been operating without a license, almost immediately after takeoff near a popular cabin site in Newfoundland, Canada.

Bay St. George police has announced that a Cessna 180 float plane crashed near Mitchell’s Pond near Jeffrey on Thursday evening. 

The pilot, a 32-year-old male, took the aircraft on a joyride without asking the permission of the owner and without having a pilot’s license. Immediately after take off, the plane crash-landed over a tree line about half a kilometer away.

While the initial report indicated that the pilot stole the plane, the police later announced that the aircraft had belonged to a family member.

“He is directly related to the owner of the plane, who does not want him charged with theft,” said Cpl. John Butler, adding that a 59-year-old relative of the owner was also on the plane. “He’s just happy that the two people ... are not seriously injured. It could have been a heck of a lot worse for sure.”

Butler said the pilot was charged with flying without a license, dangerous operation of an aircraft and obstructing a police officer.

Bay St. George South Fire Department and Jeffrey’s Ambulance provided assistance at the time of the crash rushing the 59-year-old man from Jeffrey's to hospital. The 32-year-old male resident of St. Fintan’s, was detained by police as he tried to flee the scene of the crash.

The crash happened on the opposite side of the pond, across from 10 cabins.