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27 Mar, 2018 18:01

Thousands across Russia commemorate victims of deadly Kemerovo mall fire (VIDEO)

Thousands across Russia commemorate victims of deadly Kemerovo mall fire (VIDEO)

Multiple rallies have been held across Russia after the Kemerovo shopping mall fire. People brought lit candles, flowers and stuffed toys to mourn the victims of the tragedy, which left at least 64 dead.

In Moscow, people gathered at the central Manezhnaya Square near the Kremlin, as well as several other locations across the capital.

Most people mourned in silence, although in some locations people called for the resignation of local authorities and a transparent investigation. Some people brought candles, arranging the word ‘Kemerovo’ out of them and chanted “Kemerovo, we are with you.”


Публикация от Аделина Янышева (@ade_linkaaa)

In St. Petersburg, a rally took place at the central Dvortsovaya Square. People commemorated the victims of the blaze with a minute of silence and lit candles. Stuffed toys were brought to the square to commemorate the large number of children who died in the blaze.

#кемерово #пожарвкемерово #санктперебург #дворцоваяплощадь Стихийный мемориал в память о погибших при пожаре в торгово-развлекательном центре «Зимняя вишня» в Кемерове появился в сердце города на Неве – на Дворцовой площади. Горожане несут к Александровской колонне цветы, свечи и детские игрушки. Игрушки - потому что во время пожара погибли дети. Десятки детей. Уже днем в соцсетях появились обращения к горожанам с призывом собраться в центре города и вместе почтить память погибших минутой молчания и заженными свечами. - На Дворцовой площади у Александровской колонны будет организована Акция памяти погибших в пожаре. Желающие могут приносить свечи, цветы, игрушки. Призываем вас не оставаться равнодушными, распространить информацию и вместе выразить соболезнования самому страшному дню в истории города Кемерово, - писали организаторы акции.

Публикация от Artur Siryk (@artur_siryk)

In most cities, the vigils have been staged in the downtown squares, while some have also held requiem services at local churches. Photos and videos of the country-wide mourning, like this one from Barnaul, have gathered numerous comments, with people expressing their condolences and grief over the tragedy. 

People brought stuffed toys to the vigils since many of the victims were children.

Commemorative vigils have been also held outside Russia. People in Ukraine, Israel, Estonia, the Czech Republic, the US and other countries have brought flowers and toys to Russian diplomatic facilities, extending their condolences to the victims.

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