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Stray leopard injures 4 people in Indian city rampage (VIDEO)

Stray leopard injures 4 people in Indian city rampage (VIDEO)
Four people were injured as Indian authorities spent hours trying to tranquilize and capture, with a fishnet, a wild leopard that had strayed into a residential area.

Locals from the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh were shocked to find a leopard wandering around a house under-construction in Indore's Palhar Nagar area. They contacted authorities around 10 am after it was seen wandering the neighborhood.

First responders arrived on the scene and attempted to corral the big cat. However, this only agitated the beast and it swiftly attacked Sub-Divisional Officer (SDO) RC Choubey. It then fled to a nearby Patodi residence where it sat for hours in a stairway.

“Initially, we tried to use the stun gun and fired two pellets. However, both of them missed the target. The third shot hit the leopard. The tranquilizer used in the process was given according to the size of the leopard but it was insufficient,” veterinarian Uttam Yadav told the Times of India.

One local SDO checked to see if the leopard had been tranquilized, but realized the animal was still alive and kicking. The leopard lunged at him and then bolted back into the house where it was shot a second time.

After confirming that the intruder was truly out for the count, authorities loaded it into a truck for transport. Police had to restrain an angry mob that wished to see the beast off.

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