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From Russia with Love: #MakeHerSmile campaign lavishes women across the globe with flowers (VIDEOS)

Women across the globe were presented with flowers as part of the #MakeHerSmile campaign, which celebrates International Women’s Day, an event that takes place every March 8th.

The fairer sex across the globe have been smothered with flowers, gifts, and an avalanche of kind words by random strangers, who chose to spend their Thursday afternoon making her smile on International Women's Day.

From Moscow to London and across to Beijing, men took time off from their busy schedules to let women know their grand appreciation for their work, love, care and devotion that women of all ages continuously exhibit towards their partners.

In Russia, where women gained suffrage following the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the International Woman's Day became an instant hit. Becoming a national holiday in honor of the 1910 International Socialist Woman's Conference, the spring event has gathered a global momentum over the last century. The holiday became so popular that it was adopted in 1975 by the United Nations.

Keeping with historical leadership on the issue, Russia led the charge on Thursday with a massive display of a Tulip Bouquet statue right next to St. Basil’s cathedral in the heart of the capital. The Kremlin walls also honored women with a virtual greeting.

The message of love was then spread across the country and further, with the #MakeHerSmile campaign achieving a global scale.

While paratroopers in the city of Ryazan took to the sky to air-deliver spring flowers to women on the ground, others throughout the world took a much simpler approach by randomly greeting and congratulating women on the streets.

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