Sydney train crash sends passengers flying, injures 16

Sydney train crash sends passengers flying, injures 16
Sixteen people were injured in Sydney, Australia on Monday morning when a train failed to stop, hitting the buffers at a station. The crash reportedly sent passengers flying through the train.

Emergency services rushed to Richmond station just before 10:00 am to rescue passengers who were injured after a commuter train failed to brake on time. Three helicopters, 17 ambulance crews, and fire and rescue teams were deployed to escort passengers off the train.

“I was on [the] platform waiting for it to stop, but it did [not] brake and crashed at full speed into the barrier sending everyone flying like Superman. It was insane,” Brett Saunders told ABC Australia, describing his experience as “horrifying.”

Sixteen passengers were injured in the incident, police said. In addition, “eleven people were triaged and treated at a nearby oval,” while “five people remained on the train where they were treated before also being triaged. No one was trapped,” a statement from NSW Police reads.

None of the wounds suffered by the commuters are life-threatening. The most serious injury was a suspected fractured leg on a 21-year-old man, an NSW Ambulance spokesman said. Those requiring treatment were taken to local medical facilities.

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