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20 Jan, 2018 05:27

Turboprop plane buffeted by gusts of wind in harrowing landing (VIDEO)

Turboprop plane buffeted by gusts of wind in harrowing landing (VIDEO)

A Eurowings turboprop airliner made a nail-biting landing in Dusseldorf after encountering the winds of storm Friederike, which wrought havoc across Germany.

The force of Friederike’s wrath manifested in crosswinds tearing through Germany on Thursday. Pilots brave enough to face 70-knot gusts (110 kph/80mph) risked the safety of their passengers to get them to terra firma, sometimes after repeated landing approaches.

The landing of the Eurowings EW 9141 coming from Westerland, Germany was caught on video, as it made a dramatic approach in Dusseldorf. The aircraft, a medium-range, 70-seated Bombardier Dash 8, can be seen battling the gusts of wind to align with the runway as it gets closer to ground. The violent crosswinds have the plane veering sharply all the way, swinging it precariously from side to side.

“Eurowings flight EW9141 from Westerland / Sylt to Dusseldorf landed safely in Dusseldorf on January 18, 2018. At no time was the safety of the passengers or crew on board jeopardized,” the company spokesman told DPA news agency on Friday.

Whether the passengers themselves felt safe inside a plane about to be sent tumbling by the storm is a matter of debate.

Storm Friederike, which swept across parts of northern Europe this week, caused massive damage across Germany. The German insurance association GDV announced Friday that it could face up €800 million ($980 million) worth of claims after the weather front toppled trees, damaged houses and blew trucks off the road.