‘Moonlighting’ daredevil skis & flies across glacier in night-time stunt (VIDEO)

‘Moonlighting’ daredevil skis & flies across glacier in night-time stunt  (VIDEO)
Speedrider Valentin Delluc was filmed lighting up the night sky above mountains in his native France as he traversed peaks using a glowing wing and a pair of skis.

The intrepid daredevil combined his two passions of skiing and flying, known as ‘Speedriding’, taking to the skies as he flew down a French glacier, basked in moonlight. Dellac spent seven months training for the nighttime mission as he took on the Bossons glacier at the foot of Mont Blanc.

In the film entitled ‘Moonline’. Dellac can be seen speeding down the glacier, maneuvering between jagged rocks and trees, occasionally touching the snow with his ski’s as the ground below him is illuminated by a specially designed LED wing.

The footage was shot in early 2017 but released online only on January, 3. Dellac travelled an astonishing 1,500 vertical meters in 4.20 minutes during the run. He knows the area well having traversed the glacier a number of times before, including flying at 125kph above an avalanche in 2016.

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