Daredevil speedriders scale the Alps in heartstopping extreme sport (VIDEO)

© Red Bull
There’s being an adrenalin junkie, and then there’s being just plain reckless.

No terrain is too advanced for Valentin Delluc and Martin Schricke, the super skilled riders who literally fly through mountain crevices and scale small ski towns, while resembling a badass James Bond scene.

Every part of the footage is outstanding from the unbelievable panoramic angles to the stunning views, the video will make your heart pound and mouth open in awe.

Speedriding is a deadly mix of freestyle skiing and paragliding, the exhilarating, but extreme, sport is hit with daredevil athletes all over the world for many reasons, but mostly because you can ride down a mountain slope in about two minutes.

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Don’t think we’ll be trying that one anytime soon.