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26 Oct, 2017 17:06

‘Classic corporate cowardice’: Netizens furious over Twitter’s RT ad ban

‘Classic corporate cowardice’: Netizens furious over Twitter’s RT ad ban

Social media giant Twitter announced it was banning RT from placing any advertisements on the platform. Many netizens are calling it censorship and an attack on free speech.

Twitter says the reason for the ban is because RT “attempted to interfere with the election on behalf of the Russian government” – despite any evidence, apart from the good people at the CIA saying so, of course.

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A number of journalists have branded the company's decision as hypocritical, while The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald described the decision as “classic corporate cowardice.”

Many netizens have been left understandably upset by the move, calling the action an attack on free speech and press freedom.

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Others asked if Twitter had any plans to ban other media outlets from advertising on the platform, while also slamming the company for bowing to political pressure in the US.

Ironically enough, prior to announcing the ban, Twitter wrote a letter to RT in which it outlined its reasoning. “At Twitter we believe in freedom of expression and in speaking truth to power. We also want to ensure that people feel safe when they interact with our site, and that advertisers bring value to our users.”

Next week, Twitter management is due to testify to a US House committee over its role in supposed election meddling last year, alongside Facebook and Google.