Gunman on Istanbul roof reportedly opens fire, hitting vehicles (VIDEO)

Gunman on Istanbul roof reportedly opens fire, hitting vehicles (VIDEO)
A man with a shotgun reportedly opened fire from the rooftop of a building in Istanbul, damaging some vehicles. The incident was apparently triggered by a family dispute. No one was hurt in the shooting, and the gunman was apprehended by police.

Footage posted online shows the man waving a shotgun in Istanbul's Esenyurt neighborhood while messages are being shouted at him from the ground.

The gunman was erratically firing from the rooftop of a six-storey building, hitting some parked vehicles, according to İhlas News Agency. The shooter also hit at least one car passing the street below, damaging its rear, NTV reported.

Police cordoned off the area and tried to persuade the shooter to lay down his weapon and get off the roof. As no progress was made in negotiations, police called the father of the shooter to the scene.

The standoff went on for three hours, with a special police team eventually moving onto the roof to apprehend the shooter. The man tried to shoot at the police, pressing the trigger twice, but his shotgun misfired, forcing him to surrender, Dogan news agency reported. Afterwards, the gunman was taken to a local hospital for evaluation.

The incident was triggered by a property dispute between two brothers, NTV reported, citing a relative of the gunman. No one was injured in the standoff.