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12 Jun, 2017 11:14

Protest rallies on Russia Day

Opposition demonstrations have been held in major Russian cities, as the country marks its national day. The Moscow protest location was changed from the authorized Sakharova Street to an unauthorized location on the eve of the event.

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  • 12 June 2017

    22:23 GMT

    Opposition activist Alexey Navalny has been detained for 30 days, starting Monday, after a Moscow court confirmed his arrest and charged him with disobeying law enforcement officers and repeatedly violating the rules for organizing a rally.

    Navalny was found guilty of “the violation by an organizer of a public event of the established rules of organizing… an assembly, rally or demonstration,” the court’s statement read, as cited by RIA Novosti.

  • 16:59 GMT

    Opposition figure Aleksey Navalny has been brought to a local Moscow court, Navalny's lawyer, Vadim Kobzev, said on Twitter.

    Earlier, the lawyer tweeted that Navalny's administrative case involves the violation of rules for organizing or carrying out a public rally.

    The activist is accused of having violated the rules repeatedly, which may see him put under administrative arrest for up to 30 days, or fined up to 300,000 rubles ($5,260).

  • 16:07 GMT

    About 4,500 people took part in an unauthorized protest in the Russian capital, Moscow police said in a statement. More than 150 people have been taken to police stations for “breaching public order,” the statement said.

    Around 3,500 people participated in an unauthorized event in St. Petersburg, police report, adding that 500 people were detained for “various violations.”

  • 15:27 GMT

    In Vladivostok in Russia's Far East, opposition rally participants moved the protest from an authorized location to a different part of the city, TASS reported. Police warned protesters the new rally was unauthorized, with several people being detained after refusing to disperse.

  • 14:58 GMT

    At the unauthorized protest on Tverskaya Street, police have made some "selective detentions," RIA Novosti reported, citing the head of Moscow's regional security department, Vladimir Chernikov.

    "Provocateurs" who had been shouting slogans, climbed street signs and "behaved inadequately in the crowd" were detained, Chernikov told RIA Novosti.

  • 14:39 GMT

    A police cordon at Pushkinskaya Square in Moscow is blocking people from going to Tverskaya Street. They are being asked to proceed either to the metro station or neighboring streets.

    Police are urging people not to disrupt public order or break the law.

  • 14:20 GMT

    Several thousand people have taken part in authorized opposition rallies in the Urals region. The protests have been peaceful and with no incidents, local police say.

    Up to 2,000 people took part in an authorized rally in Yekaterinburg. In Chelyabinsk Region, around 2,500 protesters participated in protests, police said, with several hundred people also protesting in Tyumen, Kurgan, Surgut, and Nizhnevartovsk, among other cities.

  • 14:18 GMT

  • 13:53 GMT

    A sanctioned opposition protest has finished in the central Russian city of Belgorod, TASS reports, citing regional police spokesman Aleksey Goncharuk.

    “Ninety-five people attended the meeting, according to official information. As the organizers said, the event happened within the sanctioned bounds,” the spokesman told TASS.

  • 13:49 GMT

    Opposition protests sanctioned by the authorities have ended in the cities of Surgut and Nizhnevartovsk in the Ural region.

    “The events concluded without any incidents. No one was detained,” police spokeswoman Olga Abmaykina told Interfax-Ural news agency.