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Iranian woman to wash dead bodies in morgue for 2 years in adultery sentence - report

Iranian woman to wash dead bodies in morgue for 2 years in adultery sentence - report
An Iranian woman, who cheated on her husband, has been sentenced to lashes and two years of washing dead bodies in a morgue by a court in capital Tehran, a local news agency reported.

The 35-year-old female, who initially denied accusations, admitted her guilt after the investigators provided incontestable proof of adultery, according to the Iranian Students’ News Agency (ISNA). 

After the confession, her lover was also arrested and put on trial, with the court announcing its verdict in the case on Saturday.

The judges handed the woman a punishment of 74 lashes and ordered her to wash bodies in a morgue for the next two years.

The man is to get 99 lashes, according to the ruling, and will then be exiled to a remote area of the country, ISNA reported.

The penal code of the Islamic Republic of Iran views adultery among the grave of crimes, which may even carry capital punishment in case of multiple violations.

Previously, executions of the unfaithful was performed through stoning, a practice which received worldwide condemnation.

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Over 150 people have been stoned in Iran between 1980s and 2010, according to the data from the International Committees against Execution and Stoning

In 2012, Iran eased its laws on adultery, with the new legislation urging the judges to come up with other punishments for those guilty.