Dashcam footage from Berlin Christmas Market attack released (VIDEO)

Dashcam footage from Berlin Christmas Market attack released (VIDEO)
Video footage taken from a dashcam in Berlin shows the terrifying moments before the Christmas market attack, in which a truck plowed into the crowds, killing 12 and injuring 48.

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A driver unwittingly captured the moment the terror act occurred in Berlin. As the car approaches a set of lights, a dark truck can be seen racing towards the market. 

Moments later, people can be seen running from the scene. 

The video, obtained by German newspaper Bild, was taken by a driver who had been near the market. 

"Just a few seconds after the truck had driven to the Christmas market, the first people were already screaming at me," he told Bild.

"I immediately turned around when I saw the truck [standing] there. I realized that something terrible [had] happened.”

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The dashcam footage also briefly shows the car as it turns onto Breitscheidplatz where the truck can be seen. 

Police are still looking for the suspected driver, Anis Amri.