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14 Dec, 2016 03:57

West’s attempts to spread Russophobia futile despite best efforts – Kremlin spokesman to RT

Western governments’ efforts to spread Russophobia are “obvious,” Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov told RT. He, however, believes the attempts to fuel anti-Russian sentiments for certain political interests are failing to bear fruit.

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Russia is well aware of the fact that the western elites are waging a “carefully orchestrated” propaganda campaign to maintain a “high degree of Russophobia with the western community” without giving it “a slightest chance to go down,” Peskov in an interview to RT.

“Many people are doing it and are doing it quite professionally,” he said, adding that Russian President Vladimir Putin “never pays attention” to the mocking and distortion of his image in the western media and is “extremely resistant to it.”

What Putin does pay attention to is the way his own thoughts and statements are presented, Peskov told RT, adding that the Russian president is “really disappointed” when he is “misinterpreted or mispresented.”

Peskov stressed that Moscow strongly condemns all attempts to use it “as tool in an elections campaign.”

“We understand that there are some people, who are ready to victimize bilateral relations with Russia for the sake of elections campaign to get rid of competitor or to support another candidate,” Peskov said, expressing his regret over such course of action.

Despite the great efforts that are being put into this policy, “it does not bring any results,” he argued. The spokesman then cited the example of US President-elect Donald Trump, who “has been accused and is still accused” of having connections to Russia, stressing that such claims have “never helped [Trump’s] competitors.”

Peskov called Russia’s alleged interference into the US elections “nothing but nonsense” and described all reports about alleged Kremlin hackers’ activities in the US “a fake.”

At the same time, he also said that Moscow still hopes to restore good relations with the US under Donald Trump. “We do hope that all those statements that were made by the President-elect Trump about his readiness to restore a dialog between the US and Russia will come true and he will fulfill his promises,” Peskov said, adding that US-Russian bilateral relations are “in a very poor condition” at the moment.

Peskov then quoted Putin, who said that Russia is seeking to reestablish the dialogue with the US in all spheres, including the sensitive ones. He also stressed that restoration of the economic cooperation between the two countries is the only “logical” choice under current circumstances.

However, Peskov also slammed the US for an approach to international relations that only takes into account US interests and is based on the premise that all US partners would simply bow to the US’s demands.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people [in the US] are accustomed to a configuration of cooperation when one [partner] is listening to the orders [of the other],” he argued, adding that as soon as Washington understood that “Russia is not a country that would agree to [this] scheme of cooperation,” it responded with sanctions.

The president’s spokesman pointed out that “the US and Russia have special responsibility for security in the world…a special responsibility for cooperation in combating terror.” He particularly stressed that “neither the US, nor Russia can win the battle against terror on their own.”

“The war on terror is something where you have to ensure that your efforts come to a logical end,” he said, particularly referring to the situation in Syria.

Peskov also dismissed the allegations of “genocide” committed by the Syrian Army in Aleppo, calling such claims as conflicting with reality.

“War is a war, it is very severe, but all those rumors about genocide or manslaughter are just nonsense,” Peskov said, adding that the Syrian Army is trying to defeat terrorists, to liberate the eastern part of Aleppo from extremist groups and to save civilians all at the same time.

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