Calais migrants clash with police, get teargassed ahead of camp’s final dismantling (VIDEO)

Dozens of migrants near the French port of Calais clashed with police over the weekend. The slum-like camp known as the ‘Jungle,’ which houses thousands of migrants, is scheduled to be shut down and demolished next week.

People from the Jungle threw stones at police on Saturday night and early Sunday morning, AFP reported. Law enforcement responded with tear gas.

The clashes came before the scheduled demolition of the camp that will begin on Monday. French authorities expect to remove all of the migrants and refugees from the site in approximately a week’s time.

Thousands of police officers are expected to arrive in Calais to assist in the demolition in what the authorities call a “humanitarian” operation.

Migrants receive the document that explains their evacuation and transfer starting Monday from the camp called the "Jungle", in Calais, to reception centers in France, October 23, 2016. © Philippe Wojazer

Those who refuse to leave will be arrested, the Mirror reported, citing a letter distributed to the camp residents.

Up to 10,000 migrants, primarily from the Middle East and North Africa, are estimated to be living in the Calais camp near the English Channel. While most hope to cross the French-British border and get to the UK, they are set to be relocated to other reception centers across France and in other countries after being moved out of the Jungle, AP reported.

Aid workers have been working to provide assistance to those who will be forced to move, but there have been concerns over a lack of information, according to AP.