Over a dozen cars torched in Copenhagen as spate of Danish arson attacks continues

Over a dozen cars torched in Copenhagen as spate of Danish arson attacks continues
At least eight cars were set on fire in a suburb of the Danish capital Copenhagen early on Monday morning. The attacks are the latest in a number of incidents which have seen cars torched, but police say it is too early to assess if the episodes are connected.

The incident took place at a safety testing center in the western suburb of Brondby, Copenhagen police reported.

“Fire was set to several cars and in total there are eight cars burnt,” spokesman Brian Munck told news agency Ritzau, as cited by the Local. 

However, he added that it was too soon to say whether this latest incident was linked to a spate of arson attacks on cars in August. 

“It could be a lot of things, so we don’t know. It’s difficult to say.” 

In the early hours of Sunday morning, eight cars were torched in a residential area in Copenhagen. A total of 50 cars have been set on fire in the capital since the middle of August. 

“The fire started in a Toyota Yaris and then spread to the other cars. We don’t know if a technical problem in the Yaris started the fire or if there is another explanation,” Jeff Nielsen from Copenhagen police told Ritzau, as cited by the Local. 

Neighboring Sweden has also suffered from arson attacks on cars with at least 70 automobiles set on fire since the start of July. The attacks prompted an irate Swedish firefighter from the multiethnic city to write a letter condemning the arsonists, saying that he does not “buy their bulls**t.” 

“Do you think I have only myself to blame for your behavior and it is only a result of a society that is not taking care of you? Then I'll tell you something. I grew up tougher than you. My childhood was hell. It was insecurity, ill health, fear, violence and no money. It was, in your view, a lot of good excuses to use in order not to take responsibility,” said firefighter Kaj Engelke, in a letter published by local media outlet Sydsvenskan.