‘Winter is coming’: Huge hail hits Moscow amid last days of summer torrents (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

‘Winter is coming’: Huge hail hits Moscow amid last days of summer torrents (PHOTOS, VIDEO)
“Weather, you are drunk, what are you doing?” “Winter is coming!” Russian social media is completely abuzz and stunned by heavy showers and enormous hail the size of small eggs and apples that have recently struck the Moscow Region.

Residents of Moscow and its suburbs have been releasing photos of Tuesday’s storm on social media.

Wind speeds reached almost 20 meters per second, Moscow meteorological services said.

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About 20 planes were unable to land at Moscow airports on Tuesday due to poor weather conditions, sources told Interfax.

“This is superhail! [They look like] golf balls! From Russia with love!” wrote one Instagram user. Another added: “The weather is dangerous this summer.”

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Users were adding and #farewellsummer #autumn2016 hashtags to ‘mourn’ summer which struck with such aggressive weather phenomena. Others posted #apocalypse and #abnormally hashtags, referring to decades-old daily precipitation records which have been shown this summer in Moscow.

Surprised commenters reported that some cars were damaged in the hail.

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Others tried to show that the hail wasn’t exactly small - it was nearly the size of an apple

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or a matchbox

or an egg

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And several hailstones could hardly fit a palm

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Some users tried to make really cool ‘still life’ pictures showing hail and apples

or just hail on the grass

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Powerful thunderstorms and showers have regularly hit Moscow this summer. The rainfall broke the all-time single-day precipitation high mark dating back to 1970, as parts of Moscow suffered the heaviest rains since records began.