Russian serviceman killed in Syria escorting monitoring convoy

Russian serviceman killed in Syria escorting monitoring convoy
A Russian serviceman suffered fatal wounds while escorting a monitoring mission in Syria, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Wednesday.

Anton Erygin fell under militant fire as he guarded a Russian center for reconciliation convoy in Homs province on Monday, a spokesman for Russia’s Hmeimim airbase said.

"The soldier was transported to a hospital where Russian military doctors fought for his life for two days, but he couldn’t be saved," he said.

Erygin will be put forward for a posthumous state decoration for his service, the spokesman added.

Earlier in April, Russia paid its respects to Lt. Aleksandr Prokhorenko, who called in artillery fire on his own position after being surrounded by the terrorists near the Syrian city of Palmyra.

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Prokhorenko, dubbed ‘Russian Rambo’ by international media, was awarded the title of Hero of Russia for his feat.

Russia has been carrying out an anti-terrorist operation in Syria at the request of President Bashar Assad since September 30, 2015.