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Panic, gunshots & police sirens: Mexico’s Acapulco rocked by multiple shootings

Panic, gunshots & police sirens: Mexico’s Acapulco rocked by multiple shootings
People in panic in the streets or hiding in local shops and sounds of never-ending gunshots – that was the scene in the Mexican resort of Acapulco amid multiple shootings overnight.

According to Aztecanoticias newspaper, there was a confrontation between federal police and suspected criminals.  A police officer has been allegedly injured in the shooting.

Videos posted on Twitter recorded the sounds of never-ending gunshots. Other photos and videos captured frightened people hiding in local shops or malls and police vehicles patrolling the streets.

Galerías Acapulco, also known as La Grand Plaza shopping mall in the city center, has been closed due to the shootings, Mexican media reported, adding that major shooting also took place in the city’s port.

Later, Mexican Federal Police wrote on Twitter about the incident, saying that a suspect was killed. It added that the situation was under control and without danger to the public.

Social media users took to Twitter to express their emotions.

“Good thing it was just "a criminal." That sounds like a Rambo movie,” Twitter user @Palaburas wrote, while ‏@Lain_MX said: “I have family in Acapulco and videos tell me there are shootouts, dead and [I am] very afraid. It's not something quiet!”

Another user, @Mario_Riveretti, said there have been at least 16 shooting locations in Acapulco, adding it was a “night of terror.”

Acapulco, a major seaport in the state of Guerrero on the Pacific coast of Mexico, has over 1 million residents.

However, the city is also considered to be a center for criminal activities, particularly drug trafficking.

Shooting incidents are not rare in Acapulco. Earlier in April, at least nine people were murdered by armed gunmen, with six people killed when a shooter opened fire on a taxi rank.