Russian police shoot man dead after he opens fire from his apartment

Omega team of the SOBR special police  © Nikolay Hiznyak
A man armed with a Makarov pistol was shot dead by police in Rostov region, southern Russia, local law enforcement said. The man allegedly opened fire from his window and showed resistance against special forces, injuring an officer.

A man of unspecified age with a Makarov pistol in his hand was noticed by a local police officer in a window of a five-story apartment building in the town of Rassvet on Monday, Vesti reported.

The man with the handgun was in his flat on the third floor, police said. He had fired from his window at least once, according to the authorities.

After reinforcements arrived at the scene, people from the building were evacuated. The man barricaded himself inside the apartment, and the authorities had to cut off the gas and electricity in the house.

Police tried to engage the man in negotiations, but he offered resistance. When special forces broke into his flat, the man opened fire, wounding one of the officers. The attacker was then shot dead by law enforcement, police spokeswoman Natalia Ustimenko said.

According to preliminary data, the man was drunk, TASS reported.